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How are your doors, drawers and Custom Doors finished?

Answer: On MDF doors we can either apply 2 coats of Benjamin Moore STIXs Primer or ship unfinished. Please indicate on your order form how you want them shipped. On wood doors (not MDF) we will apply a sealer coat ready for your staining or finishing.

Can I install the doors myself?

Answer: Many of our customers install the doors themselves with standard tools.

How thick are your doors and Custom Door reliefs?

Answer: All of our cabinet doors, drawers and Custom Doors are made out of Premium MDF or solid woods. Doors, drawers and Custom Doors are standard at 3/4" but special thickness items can be made.

What is the Warranty?

Answer: We offer a one year warranty on our doors, drawer fronts and Custom Doors. If there is any problem within the first year, please email us at sales@3dd.ca and include pictures of the issue, and we will do our best to help you out.

How long will it take to get my order?

Answer: After approved order review, cabinet doors, drawer fronts and Custom Doors will be made within 2 weeks of order. Depending on the delivery location, shipping could take up to 10 days.

Where do we deliver to?

Answer: We ship our products across Canada using various shipping companies. Once we see the details of your order, we can calculate the weight and provide you shipping costs to your door or nearest depot.

How should I measure my doors?

Answer: Please send in your height and width measurements in mm or inches. On multiple doors, please make a quick sketch showing right or left doors and sizes of each.

Product Packaging

Answer: This depends on the size of the order. If it is a large order, we would crate the doors in a plywood box with styrofoam or any other impact product for protection. On smaller orders, we will package in boxes and use impact products for protection.

Packaging Fee

Answer: This covers the cost of materials and labour required to package your items for transport. This will vary on how many items are ordered.

What is the order set up fee for Custom Doors?

Answer: This is the cost for the computer programmer to set up the file for your Custom door. We do our best to make sure that all of the measurements are correct for building your product.

What is MDF?

Answer: According to Google, medium density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers, combined with wax and resin binders under pressure and high temperature. MDF is generally denser than plywood and stronger and denser than particle board.

Returns & Exchanges

Answer: Due to the fact that our Custom Doors are all custom orders, if you have approved the order and payment has been sent we cannot issue a refund once manufacturing has begun. Regarding our standard design MDF and Wood doors and drawer fronts, we can issue a refund for all but a setup fee of $65.00.

Confirming your Order

Answer: Before your order goes into production, we will send you an email going over the information that you have sent to us regarding sizes, cabinet doors, drawers, and Custom Door documentation. If any changes are to be made this is the time to do so. After you send us back the confirmation email, we will then proceed with payment and manufacturing.

Damaged Order?

Answer: Please check your order upon delivery, if there is any damage to the product, please send us an email so we can resolve the problem. We also offer insurance on each shipment at an additional charge to be determined by order size and weight.

What type of doors do you carry?

Answer: A one piece door is usually made of MDF to keep it strong and avoid warping. A two piece door is usually made of solid MDF frame with a separate panel that can be used for a specialty door or just a decorative design. A five piece door is traditionally made from real wood with dado joints in the frame. The center panel can be made into a relief or design. On five piece doors, the rails are the top and bottom pieces and the stiles are the side pieces. With the MDF doors, there are no seams that can crack over time.

To order custom doors you need to contact us.